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Quality Control

Advanced technology has been a great advantage of Haodong and best quality has been the most vital principle. With skilled experts and well-trained professional R&D teams,Haodong has its own independently-developed edging technology and production facilities, and the ownership of IP rights.We also have mechanical production line and establish GMP production workshop with the automated monitoring system which includes the automatic dehumidification and sterilization system,water treatment system,online air purification and sterilization system,automatic automatic rubber molding system, drying system,automatic dry humidity adjustment systems and other core equipment.All products are produced under constant temperature,and in a sterile and dry environment which is able to ensure the high quality of our company's products.

Equipped with professionals,advanced equipment and precise instruments,Hao Dong set up a technical laboratory to test raw materials,semi-finished products and finished products.The whole process complies with national standards and industry standard testing methods,ensuring that the testing results are truthful and reliable.

The test items are based on the requirements of GB6783-2013 (one of the strict international standards for gelatin). Detect physical and chemical properties, microbiological and heavy metal testing, and mandatory third-party(SGS, etc.) testing to ensure product quality meets national requirements.

At present, the company has obtained ISO22000, HALAL, FDA and other certifications.