Leaf Gelatin

Haodong Leaf Gelatin

Leaf gelatin sheets is fat and carbohydrate free. As pure protein, it is also allergen free and easy to digest. It’s great for quick and delicious low-calorie dishes and desserts, such as savory aspics, cake fillings, panna cotta and jellies.

We produce leaf gelatin sheets in the following qualities:

Multiple Sources

  • Bovine Skin Collagen
  • Bovine Bone Collagen
  • Fish Collagen

Leaves per kg

  • 500
  • 400
  • 300
  • 200

Kinds of packing

  • 1 kg per box
  • 500g per box
  • 10 or 20 leaves per envelope
Leaf Gelatine
Leaf Gelatine
Leaf Gelatine